There are no chance encounters

You spot me from across the room. You can’t help noticing me, and I can’t help noticing you, noticing me.

What caught your gaze? (Was it a curve of olive skin, electric eyes, the intermittent flash of lingerie?) I imagine that you know what you like when you see it-- and this makes me curious. What is inspiring you? Where do our fantasies intermingle… what uncharted erotic territories can we explore together?

Our Trysting 

During our date, I prefer to let a sensual connection unfold naturally. I like to seduce, tease, and slowly build you up. I love a traditional dinner date or a similar outing, creating an atmosphere in which we can get to know each other on intellectual and sensual levels, slowly becoming the focus of each other’s affections.

Over cocktails, you'll find that I like to engage, I enjoy the art of conversation. That I am curious, eager to discuss politics, art, philosophy, as well as emotional, psychological depths. You eye my designer ensemble, stylish and feminine, sharp but sexy--

This is the realm of the senses: aesthetics and atmosphere are its key. It’s the curve-hugging skirt, the meticulous care I give to my appearance, but it’s also wine, candles, an entire constellation of elements that create a dream-like setting with all those details that seem to consecrate our desires.

Let Go and Let Muse:

Through eroticism you can re-focus and gather inspiration. A respite from the routine of work and duty, and a return to a sensual realm where no evening is like the one that precedes it. It is through the joy of eroticism that we can sustains a life’s work, after all erotic is only another word for what we love. 

The magic of the muse is to bring focus and clarity. By kisses or by imagination-- but it’s best when she can use both, she ignites the aura of the artist in whomever she touches.  It is from these reserves of pleasure and joy that we find the energy that feed our projects and dreams. (Here, “the artist” is someone who rationally explores their passions and passionately knows their reasons-- a union of the unconscious and reflection that makes for poetic living.)

What at first glance seemed like a collection of unrelated details now comes into focus. A peek of lingerie, full breast, glowing olive skin. The flash of my eyes. As if those eyes know there is much the future has reserved for you. After all, the life you've led so far doesn't need to be the only one you'll have.

Please contact 1-2 days before your intended date with me. I take limited bookings and enjoy keeping it this way.


  • Located In:

    Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

  • Incall:


  • Outcall:


Physical Attributes

  • Body Type:


  • Age:


  • Ethnicity:


  • Features:


  • Gender:


  • Height:

    5 ft. 5 in.

  • Weight:

    57 kg.

  • Hair Color:


  • Bust Size:

    10 DD


  • Catering To:

    Men and Women

  • Smoker:


  • Hourly Rate:

    0 AUD



Added on September 25, 2017

Stunning, professional, sexy and stylish!! An amazing woman!!!!

Added on September 24, 2017

Sensational Thank you for an incredible time Eva. Your an incredibly vivacious, spunky, intelligent woman. X

Added on September 24, 2017

A sensational woman in every single way. Sexy natural body! Amazing looks and a killer smile!!! I can't believe my luck to of found such a classy woman of such style, warmth,charismatic and down to earth. Our dinner date was exceptional. Wow wow wow Xxxx

Added on September 24, 2017

Thank you Eva for such a memorable evening. You made this so easy for me having never indulged before. You amazed me from the first minute I answered the door. You looked immaculate from head to toe. Your a woman of style and class and made me feel at ease within the first five minutes. You are such a warm and loving caring woman, not too mention your striking looks and bedazzling smile. Thank you. Look forward too seeing you soon. J. Xxxx

Added on November 15, 2016

I'm impressed
A Lucky Guy....

Added on August 30, 2016

Wow..and amazing. is pretty much the two best words that can sum up Eva, an experience with Eva and even as simple as contact with Eva. She is warm, kind, considerate, compassionate and a total blast to have a booking with. Contact is easy and is responded to in a very timely manner and with warmth and feeling, she has a way that makes you feel very special, even moreso when in her company. That initial moment of seeing Eva in the flesh... there is that word again - WOW! She is elegant, stunning and has amazing lovely curves and that smile... goodness me WOW! She is passionate, fun and has a great naughty streak that you will have to find out for yourself! She is very intelligent, very funny, has a great laugh that is very infectious, and a way about her that puts you completely at ease and even after 5 minutes together, it feels like you have know her your whole life. All i can say is WOW and AMAZING. Time spent with this amazing and wonderful woman is totally and completely worth your while!

Added on November 17, 2015

I must admit to being in two minds on writing this review on the beautiful , gorgeous , outrageously sexy Eva ! On the one hand , I want to keep this amazing young lady to myself , but on the other hand , it would be a shame to the lady herself and to red blooded males everywhere not to know about her and the brilliant service she provides. Visiting Eva should be rebatable on the health service ! Any time spent with her soon banishes any blues and leaves you with a big cheesy grin on your face , ready to cope with the stresses of daily work , beautiful fond memories to remember , and an urging , or addiction , to return ASAP !!! I initially came across Eva on her Twitter site . Her incredibly sexy pics and videos stimulated my interest ( & other things ) to look up her website . I immediately realised that Eva is a very organised lady with not only a body made for sin ( those pics are just amazing ) but who could provide the GFE I was looking for , GFE with a touch of class . Contact was easily made with Dms on Twitter and txt messages and I arranged to see Eva when I visited Melbourne recently. I first saw Eva in the foyer of my hotel , easily recognisable from her pics , and was taken aback by her beauty , especially her captivating eyes and dazzling smile. Eva is so much more than her pictures a true delight to experience in the flesh. We quickly retired to my room where we got to know each other better over wine . Eva is a very engaging , intelligent lady who can immediately make you feel at ease and engage you intellectually on any topic ( I didn't try out quantum physics though , next time , lol ) . Although I could have chatted on all night , I just had to explore the other assessts of this amazing woman. Slowly clothes were pealed off to expose her beauty beneath. Eva on her website , says she can make grown men go weak at the knees , and I can fully attest to that ! Eva is a woman from my dreams, a sex goddess , a beautiful fantasy , but one that was actually lying there on my bed , in front of me ! After an amazing BJ, I moved down to reciprocate , and judging from her reactions , I believe that was well received . We then soon moved into the missionary position , and I must say it was one of the most intense , amazing , orgasmic experiences I have ever had ! This lady thoroughly enjoys herself while at the same time making sure her partner is taken fully along on the journey to nirvana ! While recovering in the post orgasmic flush , we then chatted on like old friends ( although naked :-) ) until , unfortunately , Eva had to reluctantly leave. As I have said , Eva is on another level as a courtesan, an incredibly sexy lady , with a very responsive sensitive ( I'm not going to reveal her sensitive areas as they are now my secret for my next visit ) body , a quick intelligent mind and a lovely, beautiful personality . I've run out of adjectives to describe this lady , she needs to be experienced to fully appreciate her , but be warned, Eva is very addictive !

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